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Wall coping systems Roval-E

Wall coping systems:

Wall coping systems project which will be manufactured. Can be applied after the roofing is complete. This eaves finish fits perfectly into the concept of DUBO buildings. Nine (9) different models with numerous custom options. The wall coping systems on a cleat construction with EPDM sealing, which snapped a waterproof and blind attachment point.  


Profile lengths:

2000, 2500, 3000, 4000 mm. Other dimensions can be supplied.

Profile width:

The profile width of the eaves finish + 50 mm Roval case of type A, C and E. In type B, D, F and G is the profile width to the width of the edge + 60 mm.

Profile heigth:

less than 1,5 mm for a profile width of 160 mm;
less than 2,0 mm for a profile width of 300 mm;
Less than 3,0 mm for a profile width of 300 mm.

Profile thichness:

performance standard 50 mm flat;
Dirt-time edge standard 70 mm.


During the installation, bear in mind that aluminum expands by approx 1 mm per meter length


the application of Roval wall coping systems makes it possible to:

the specific needs of each building into account. Dimensions A, B and C on your wishes for the design to adapt. Virtually every conceivable application to produce.

Defining dimension A:

In order tot protect the building Shell sufficiently from rain, it must be A covered over bij approx 40 mm. For this reason, its recommended not to go below 50 mm. for dimension A..

Defining dimension B:

If two perpendicular fixations are applied a minimium of 60 mm. must be added tot the width of the wall (with exception of types H and H1, 90 mm.) in the case of perpendicular fixation and one slanting fixation, this is at least 50 mm.

Defining dimension C:

In order to able to click the profile over a fixation cleat and provide it with sufficient strength.

Defining the material thickness:

Minimum 1,5 mm for a profile width up to 160 mm;
Minimum 2,0 mm for a profile width up to 300 mm;
Minimum 3,0 mm for a profile width starting from 300 mm.

Welded internal- external angles:

The standard angle dimensions 500 x 500 mm for dimension B up to 300 mm. for a larger B size, the minimum dimensions are dimension B + 200 mm.

Special angles and/or connections:

In addition to the above-mentioned standard angles. It goes without saying that all other conceivable connections are also possible. We would be pleased to supply you with a detailed offer on request.


Both welded and raised headboards are possible.

Cleat distance:

At a maximum distance of 750 mm, depending on the Construction height and cover width.

Surface selection:

Untreated aluminum (brute), Blanc anodized (colour differences possible); enamelling possible in practically any (ral) colour.

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